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What's up, rebel?! Thanks for dropping in to learn about Eating Like You Give a Damn and the impact it has had on my life!


I grew up in the comfort of the status quo and I ate the typical southern American fare while never being aware that there might be some dire consequences in eating the foods I learned to love.


Once I uncovered and validated the consequences to my health, the animals, and the environment, I rebelled against all that injustice by turning to healthy, vegan-friendly foods. I feel more aligned as a human being, and I even bid adieu to some embarrassing health issues that my doctors told me could never be cured (only managed with medication).

Today, as an international vegan nutrition educator and certified trainer, I help health enthusiasts worldwide elevate their authority to start and grow a thriving plant-based coaching business with evidence-based nutrition that supports sustainable weight loss and is proven to prevent and even reverse heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

My mission is to empower more people to create conscious habits that improve their health while helping the world to be a better place for all. I do this by co-instructing an online Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification program, my book, speaking engagements, and my podcast.

As a former health coach who has witnessed the power of helping people experience massive measurable results to their health and bodies by switching to a plant-based diet, while also earning a healthy living for myself, I now help other vegan coaches grow their INCOME and IMPACT. If you are a vegan coach, join the collective here.

Feel free to reach out to me here or on Facebook and Instagram. I'd love to know about you and how I can help support you in your vegan-friendly journey or your business efforts!

Veg On, Rebels.

Stephanie Harter


Contact to book me as a speaker for your next event: stephanie@eatinglikeyougiveadamn.com

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