Stephanie Harter is the host of the hit Eating Like You Give a Damn podcast, award-winning author of The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn, and co-instructor of the Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification online course.
She is a sought after speaker and trainer on business growth for health coaches and vegan leadership.

Training Vegan Coaches

The plant-based boom has created a unique opportunity for health coaches and wellness professionals.

As an international vegan nutrition educator and certified trainer, I help health enthusiasts worldwide elevate their authority to start and grow a thriving plant-based coaching business with evidence-based nutrition that supports sustainable weight loss and is proven to prevent and even reverse heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases of affluence.


As a former vegan transformation coach who has witnessed the power of helping people experience massive, measurable results to their health and bodies by switching to a plant-based diet, while also earning a healthy income for my business, I now help other vegan coaches grow their INCOME and IMPACT while enjoying more freedom in their coaching business than ever.


If you are a vegan, vegetarian or plant-based coach and you want to become a leader in the coaching industry with a thriving business, download this guide to learn how. It will walk you step-by-step on how to get clear in your brand message, attract the right audience, and 'Enroll 5 Clients in 30 Days With Confidence' so you can have the income and impact you want for your business NOW.

Or, if you are an aspiring vegan health coach, click the link and enroll in the Vegan Nutrition Health Coach Certification course today!


I grew up in the comfort of the status quo and I ate the typical southern American fare while never being conscious that there might be some dire consequences related to eating the foods I learned to love.


Once I uncovered and validated the consequences to my health, the animals, and the environment, I felt an emotional shift within me and I rebelled against all that injustice by turning to healthy, vegan-friendly foods. I feel more aligned as a human being, and I even bid adieu to some chronic and embarrassing health issues that my doctors told me could never be cured (only managed with medication).

I believe the world can be a better place for all of creation by empowering up-and-coming vegan leaders to help more people learn about good nutrition, create conscious eating habits that improve their health, and finding alignment with those choices to their values of kindness and justice for all.

The Plant-Based Boom

Here's how the paradigm of nutrition is shifting today...

Our food culture is designed to make us sick. And, the pharmaceutical reign of our western culture is designed to keep us sick. Both profit heavily from our demand for convenience and comfort...and, ultimately, our ignorance about what it's truly costing us.

We know on some level we need to clean up our diet and make better lifestyle choices...we’ve been hearing that for decades. And while people feel a vast improvement in their health and energy after ditching junk food and exercising more, it’s still not fully addressing the underlying problems of our top preventable killers known as diseases of affluence - heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and Alzheimer's - all of which are shown to have a strong correlation with the consumption of animal products.


What’s rising to the surface in our culture today is the power of a plant-based diet as the leading therapy for preventing and even reversing these conditions. Yet still, medical professionals, coaches, and fitness trainers are learning in school the same old macro mindset about food - No wonder there's so much confusion about basic nutrition!

The real opportunity for both the health professional and the consumer is that a properly balanced plant-based diet can help with all of that. And it just so happens to be kind to animals and the planet, too. That's what I call a win-win-win!

And the public is catching on. One exposé after another being released in the form of a film, book, undercover investigation, or newsflash helps more people recognize the importance of ditching animal products, embracing plant-based foods, and speaking up for what matters.

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