Available in Paperback and Kindle

The Skinny On Eating Like You Give A Damn will...:


*Explode the myth that eating a plant-exclusive diet is difficult or restrictive


*Obliterate the overwhelm of replacing your everyday eating habits with better ones that aid weight loss and reverse disease


*Teach you how to have constructive conversations about our unjust food system


*Give you the confidence to share your message, help others, and make a difference


And, you will discover the easiest method for adopting a healthier and more vegan-friendly diet and lifestyle, even if you could never imagine giving up your favorite meat, dairy, and egg foods today.


Get healthy and make an impact by choosing what goes at the end of your fork like a rebel. The Skinny On Eating Like You Give a Damn will show you how.


Have no idea what vegans eat? Do you think plant-based food is boring? Are you looking for the satisfaction you get from comfort foods as well as discovering the healthiest whole food choices that fit your unique tastes? We've got you covered.


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